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Formerly “Microcurrent Therapy for Myofascial Pain (Introduction to FSM)”
Length: 8 hrs

This class will present introductory concepts for using frequency specific microcurrent (FSM) to treat pain due to common and more complex physical injuries and pathology. It is designed for practitioners who work with patients with chronic pain, trauma and difficult conditions, acute and chronic athletic injuries, weekend warriors, and people who actively exercise.

Master these concepts and use microcurrent therapy in your practice and for your own aches and pains.


  • Common microcurrent language
  • Easy to apply treatment protocols
  • Scientific basis for energy medicine
  • History of microcurrent applications
  • Use of microcurrent for treating pain
  • How to do a quick neurological evaluation


  • How to explain microcurrent therapy
  • Physical medicine concepts
  • When you should NOT treat
  • Often overlooked spinal/neurological disorders
  • Specific microcurrent frequencies for fibromyalgia, referred pain from nerve, disc, facet, muscle, ligament and other conditions


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