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Formerly “Microcurrent Therapy for Myofascial Pain (Introduction to FSM)”
Length: 8 hrs

This class will present introductory concepts for using frequency specific microcurrent (FSM) to treat pain due to common and more complex physical injuries and pathology. It is designed for practitioners who work with patients with chronic pain, trauma and difficult conditions, acute and chronic athletic injuries, weekend warriors, and people who actively exercise.

Master these concepts and use microcurrent therapy in your practice and for your own aches and pains.


  • Common microcurrent language
  • Easy to apply treatment protocols
  • Scientific basis for energy medicine
  • History of microcurrent applications
  • Use of microcurrent for treating pain
  • How to do a quick neurological evaluation


  • How to explain microcurrent therapy
  • Physical medicine concepts
  • When you should NOT treat
  • Often overlooked spinal/neurological disorders
  • Specific microcurrent frequencies for fibromyalgia, referred pain from nerve, disc, facet, muscle, ligament and other conditions


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  1. 5

    I have been working with microcurrent for just over 15 months. My previous training experiences have been the MEND launch weekend, a 1 day pre conference workshop with Shannon before the 2016 NAMTPT convention and having purchased the frequencyspecific.com core seminar DVD and working my way through it.

    I feel very blessed that the Team at MEND asked me to audit this course and give my feedback.

    My first high recommendation for this course is bang for your buck. This course does not require that I treat 15 to 20 patients to cover the course materials yet rather a user friendly 2 or 3 patients treated covers the expense.

    My favorite aspect of this presentation is the very digestible segments that can be taken in completely in comparison to some presentations that are 2 hours long and it is hard to remember at the end of the segment what you heard at the beginning. It was very easy to go through a segment using the very nice slide handouts. After the segment was over I could easily look over my notes for that segment and use the convenient timestamp for any quick review I might like to make.

    The delivery of the language of frequencies for both Channel 1 and Channel 2 is artfully developed with significant reinforcement to enable the user to become more comfortable with essential frequencies to help our patients and begin the journey to reshape our thinking upstream to the deeper roots of the causes of our patients pain.

    I found all segments relevant. Personally I was most intrigued by the Spine information which taught me new things and made me want to know more. The other very effective segment for me was the neural evaluation segment that was presented very patiently delivered allow me to use it as a practice video.

    By the quality of the information, the user friendly length of segments and the convenient timeline it is my intention to purchase this course to be part of my permanent reference library as I am certain I will make frequent use of it

    james f mausser CMTPT, LMT

  2. Fantastic learning experience!


    This is my second time taking this class. The first time I listened to each part multiple times, now months later, I am doing that again. Too much information to get in one listen, I love the fact that I can listen over and over again and be able to refer back to a portion if needed. This is a fantastic way to take a class like this and I recommend it to everyone! Understanding how to use microcurrent is not something that most people can pick up in a short time, it can be straightforward, but can also be very complicated and one must think outside of the box and there can be 3 more boxes to work through once you get there. The rewards are incredible!

  3. Intro to FSM


    Being introduce to Frequency Specific Microcurrent (FSM) was awesome. To know and understand the history, makes it that much special. I will take this knowledge and opportunity to make a difference in someone’s life is by reducing there pain with no drugs . I will Combine how we currently reduce Pain with Cold (Cryo) and hot (Infra Red Treatment) treatment will take the concept to another level.

    Thanks for the fruit.




    Fantastic. Wow. Hope I can still review as I learn more at event. Thank you. Clareanne Best

  5. The Magic in You


    I have learned a lot. This is a great starting point for everyone who wants to practice FSM.

    Thank YOU

  6. Fantastic Course!


    As an experienced FSM practitioner using frequency medicine with every patient I see, I was impressed by how much new information and the level of refinement I gained from this course. Highly recommended!

  7. Awesome!


    Shannon is an amazing trainer. Her expertise and clinical experience really comes through and she is able to convey and teach in a clear and simple manner. The course was very well structured and well balanced between theory and practical skills. I got WAY more out of this training than expected given the virtual format. I can’t wait for the opportunity to have an in-person experience with Shannon. So much more to learn about the magic of FSM but I am grateful to have begun the journey. Thank you!

  8. Thank you


    I look forward to learning more. God bless!

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