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Combat stress is a response that occurs to military service members who are exposed to danger and other traumatic experiences. The constant barrage of physiological stress and psychological stress can create an expected number of responses which, if left untreated, can morph into more serious conditions.

Terry Zumwalt, MD has created this tactical drill for medics, combat corpsmen, pararescue jumpers, combat RNs, RNPs, PAs, PTs, special forces, Seals, EMTs and all first responders to use in a crisis.

Manually amplified stimulation of emission of radiation (MASER) consists of sending energy particles and waves from your hands. It’s origins stem from a combination of manual training and skills from a wide range of healing modalities.

The treatment is military grade, bilateral and bimanual 28 point meridean/chakra tapping/chanting; tapping over scars and wounds; releasing frozen eye and jaw muscles; and doing pelvic/rectal exams when the history indicates to release sexual violations. Included with the treatment is frequency therapy microcurrent which involves the use of an FDA approved transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulator (TENS) device (MEND Technology).

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  • Learn the locations of the meridians
  • Tapping Points, the home self-treatment drill directions
  • How MASER and frequency therapy can be used together
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