In Person Workshop: Applying the Mover Stabilizer Technique During Massage: A functional myofascial approach to restore dynamic stability

June 27, 2021 San Antonio (New Braunfels), TX

8:30 am to 6 pm

Registration: $245

Who should attend this course:

Practitioners who are already familiar with or interested in the work of Dr. Janet Travell (Shannon’s earliest influencer and teacher) and myofascial pain, trigger points and perpetuating factors. A skilled manual therapy practitioner will quickly grasp the concepts and treatment techniques taught in this class. This class is not recommended for students unfamiliar with myofascial pain, trigger points, or postural evaluation. This 8 hour NCBTMB approved live workshop is sponsored by Mary Biancalana’s approved provider education company: Muscle Health, LLC  NCBTMB Provider #451298-10

Introduction: The Mover Stabilizer Model of Treatment:

Learn to see Dynamic Myofascial Dysfunctions in everyone’s static & dynamic posture by observing your clients unique gait & behavior

■ HUMANS ADAPT! Assessing today’s movement from yesterday’s (yesterYEARS) injuries

enables you to identify NeuroMyoFascial adaptations and compensatory patterns

■ Recognize associated mechanical & systemic ramifications of myofascial dysfunction associated with common life injuries

■ Learn how to find & treat hidden Latent Trigger Points

Effective therapy for hidden Neuro-MyoFascial Dysfunctions

How to leverage the interactivity between the brain, peripheral nervous system,

myofascial network, biomechanics & aberrant movement

■ The BRILLIANT efficiency of the brain encourages INSTANT adaptive “solutions”

that result in “functional” dysfunction

■ How injured muscles LEARN “the right wrong thing” that lead to ongoing

dysfunctional adaptations so we can continue to function until pain STOPS US

■ Learn how to find the story behind the story… something you were never taught in massage school

■ Take a journey through the miraculous NeuroMyoFascial system: how and why it REALLY

holds & releases pain patterns, postural compensations, old physical trauma and emotions

Restore functional movement by activating key Mover & Stabilizer muscles with dynamic manual therapy techniques

■ GRAVITY is your friend: Learn to access this “assistant therapist” for immediate results

■ Stabilizers! The muscle function you never learned in school, and isn’t in the text books:

Learn how to reactivate these core muscles and instantly restore biomechanical ease

■ Once you are STABLE… You can MOVE! Understand the function of Movers:

Learn the techniques to release & re-educate these key activation muscles

■ Learn the fascinating relationship between agonist and antagonist muscles:

You’ve seen this in your practice, but what does it really mean?

You’ll get it, as soon as you see it!

■ Learn to use systematic Static and Dynamic postural assessment tools, client history intake procedures & dynamic re-education protocols

Your Learning Objectives

Students will: 

Learning Outcomes

After the completion of this course the learner will be able to:


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