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*** In person classes are postponed until further notice ***





PREREQUISITE: Must have previously attended the Microcurrent Therapy for Myofascial Pain Class (online or in person) or taken the Core Seminar.

Please join us for this long anticipated advanced microcurrent class with Shannon Goossen, AP, LMT, CMTPT. As a special bonus, Shannon will be hosting a Friday night microcurrent review and QA session. She will be covering microcurrent basics, reviewing the neuro sensory screening, and reviewing the conceptual framework for her Mover Stabilizer manual therapy method. These are the core concepts that will be utilized in class on Saturday and Sunday. It’s a perfect refresher and an opportunity to ask your pertinent questions.

Learn current treatment concepts for spinal cord injury with integrative treatment theory, techniques and
choices for acute and chronic spinal cord injuries.

Learn and Understand:
– How to do a neuro sensory screening exam to differenciate brain issues, spinal cord issues, or peripheral nerve issues
– How certain spinal cord injuries are concommitant with traumatic brain injury and concussion
– How to apply microcurrent for acute vs chronic spinal cord issues and concussion
– How to evaluate scoliosis curves and apply microcurrent and manual therapy protocols
– How to recognize a tethered cord or dural adhesion and use microcurrent protocols with manual therapy techniques
– Understand the metabolic distress patients with CNS injuries may face in their recovery
– Current concepts on the Limbic System and the Vagus Nerve: Applying Polyvagul Theory to FSM Treatment and Manual Therapy
– Specific questions to ask patients to unravel a complex history: The Art of the Intake

Participants will be given an opportunity to discuss case studies and be able to include their actual cases to review contra-indications to treatment, complications and poor outcomes.

Microcurrent and manual therapy demonstrations and practice will be included on both days.

Buffet Lunch is included. Please let us know if you have any allergy or dietary restrictions.

BONUS: Send us “challenges in your practice” comments. We’ll review these in class.

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