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Event – Active Myofascial Treatment Techniques: A Functional Approach, Fort Myers, FL


DATE: Jun 9-10, 2018
Sat: 9 am to 6 pm
Sun: 9 am to 6pm

LOCATION: Fort Myers, FL


Participants will learn in small groups with multi-modal activities. The course will emphasize the concept of the myofascial system as our mover/stabilizer and focus on common regional myofascial syndromes and review the relevant surface anatomy and function. Participants will be able to identify the characteristics of active and latent trigger points in commonly involved muscles, the associated fascial distortions, and aberrant movement patterns. Participants will be able to perform specific functional treatment techniques to resolve myofascial trigger points causing dysfunction and pain using hands-on techniques and incorporating bio-energetic microcurrent devices for fast, lasting results. Participants will also be able to share cross-disciplinary evaluation and therapeutic skills and ultimately develop competencies for successfully treating myofascial pain and dysfunction in their practices.



This course is limited to 25 participants that are licensed to treat using manual therapy and have been previously trained to use frequency specific microcurrent.

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