Medic Training

Rapid Treatment of the Go-Go Combat Stress Reaction-PTSD

Rapid resolution of the active PTSD reaction using the combination of Frequency Specific microcurrent protocols (3 ‘tens’ units) and MASERS, military grade, bilateral 28 point meridian tapping by a nurse practitioner who was teaching ‘Doc’ the field corpsman in the trauma clinic in less than one hour. This is a tactical training for medics, combat corpsmen, RNs, JPs, PAs, PTs, RNPs, special forces medics, active duty national guard, USN Seals and EMTs to treat active PTSD when returning from combat and rapid rescue recovery from flashback PTSD at the FOB or clinic.

The goal is to evaporate the cellular lesion of PTSD by the tapping hands of the highly trained military professionals who are the ones who work most closely with combat stress. No drugs are required for results.

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