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Learn about innovative protocols and techniques used to resolve pain and dysfunctions with Shannon Goossen, AP, LMT, CMTPT in the Foundations I course.

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Foundations I: Frequency Specific Microcurrent

Clinical Applications for Acute & Persistent Neuropathic, Myofascial, and Emotional Pain

Wellness Device Comprehensive Training

Learn to Use your MEND Wellness, accessories and protocols.

Neurological Screening for Therapists

Master simple neurological and orthopedic screening tests.

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Energy Medicine Education - Based on the Experience of Practitioners

Shannon Goossen, AP, LMT, CMTPT

Shannon Goossen owns a private practice in Jacksonville, FL. She teaches nationally about Frequency Specific Microcurrent.

Terry Zumwalt, MD

Terry Zumwalt is on a mission on teaching practitioners that there is a way to treat PTSD.

Nancie Anderson, RN, LMT

Nancie Anderson has been involved with energy medicine for over 15 years. Learn the tips and tricks for trouble shooting the Avazzia devices.

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"My favorite aspect of this presentation is the very digestible segments that can be taken in completely in comparison to some presentations that are 2 hours long and it is hard to remember at the end of the segment what you heard at the beginning. It was very easy to go through a segment using the very nice slide handouts. After the segment was over I could easily look over my notes for that segment and use the convenient timestamp for any quick review I might like to make."
"Fantastic learning experience!"

This is my second time taking this class. The first time I listened to each part multiple times, now months later, I am doing that again. Too much information to get in one listen, I love the fact that I can listen over and over again and be able to refer back to a portion if needed. This is a fantastic way to take a class like this and I recommend it to everyone! Understanding how to use microcurrent is not something that most people can pick up in a short time, it can be straightforward, but can also be very complicated and one must think outside of the box and there can be 3 more boxes to work through once you get there. The rewards are incredible!
Mary Jo
"I have learned a lot. This is a great starting point for everyone who wants to practice FSM."
Dr. Charisse

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